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SweetStamp PickUpPad® Tutorial

Introduction to the SweetStamp PickUpPad®

The SweetStamp PickUpPad® is a patent system which allows you to emboss custom messaging and designs on your cakes, cookies, cupcakes & so much more!

Can be used on fondant/sugar-paste, buttercream, ganache & modelling chocolate. The PickUpPad® is clear, foodsafe and reusable.

The film has printed guide that will help to position the letters and line up accordingly. Simply place the letters to the tacky side of the pad and stamp onto ondant/sugarpaste, buttercream, ganache and modelling chocolate. When finished, gently remove the letters from the pad and place letters back in the letter trays.

Follow these step by step pictures on how to use the SweetStamp PickUpPad®  & check out our videos.

The PickUpPad® achieves the best results when embossing letters or elements to cakes & bakes as it ensures an even emboss and more control over placement, especially on the sides of cakes.

How to use:

  • Remove letters from the tray and arrange as desired on the guided lines on the PickUpPad®.
  • Press the tacky part of the PickUpPad® on top of the letters/numbers & elements. The letters/numbers/elements will stick to the PickUpPad® and can be embossed onto any cake project.
  • Press onto fondant, buttercream, ganache or modelling chocolate, depending on the cake project. Embossing can be done on a flat surface or on the side of a cake.
  • Once complete, remove letters/number/elements from the PickUpPad® and place back in the tray or storage.

How to clean the PickUpPad®:

  • Once complete, remove letters/number/elements from the PickUpPad® and place back in the tray or storage.
  • To clean the PickUpPad®, we recommend you wash in warm soapy water and pat dry with a towel after each use Flour and other materials can attached to the tacky part during use, so it is imporant to clean after use to ensure longevity of the PickUpPad®. 

Check out these tutorials on how to use & clean the SweetStamp PickUpPad®

Using the PickUpPad® on Fondant/Sugarpaste - Side of Cake


Using the PickUpPad® on Fondant/Sugarpaste - Cake Board


Using the PickUpPad® on Buttercream 



Using the PickUpPad® on Ganache


Using the PickUpPad® with SweetStamp Elements


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