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SweetStamp OUTboss Bunting Set

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Introducing the New OUTboss Letter Set Range

SweetStamp is the best way to create beautiful personalized lettering on your cakes, cookies, cupcakes and so much more. It's as simple as embossing and painting. The OUTboss letter set range can be used on fondant/sugar-paste.

This patented system makes creating personalized messaging an enjoyable process. There are many ways to use SweetStamp depending on your project or style.

We have been working on something you have all been asking for - the ultimate OUTboss letter set that you're going to be obsessed with. This revolutionary letter set range includes 3 new letter sets to add to your SweetStamp collection.

You probably have one (or maybe even a few) original SweetStamp letter sets that allow you to emboss beautiful personalised messaging on your cake projects. The OUTboss letter set range allows you to create epic 3D raised personalised messaging on all your cake projects - how cool! 

Choose from 3 of the new OUTboss letter set range

  • OUTboss Frosting Letter Set
  • OUTboss Bunting Letter Set
  • OUTboss Build A Block Letter Set

The OUTboss Bunting Letter Set

The OUTboss Bunting letter set which is a beautiful bunting styled letter set that allows you to create custom messaging with a 3D raised effect. This set has 2 ways of using it, depending on what final look you're looking for on your cakes & bakes. Choose from either a simple OUTboss effect by simply pressing your letters into your fondant. Or you can try the viral 2-tone effect which you can press in different coloured fondant to the stamp and transfer that onto another piece on fondant to make your messaging pop!

Technique 1:

1. Roll your fondant approx. 3mm thick
2.Remove letters from the tray and arrange as desired. Press the PickUpPad® on top of the letters/numbers. The letters will stick to the PickUpPad®.
3. Press the letters onto fondant, applying an even pressure. Emboss the letters on a flat surface.
4. Lift up the PickUpPad® to reveal the design.
5. Paint or leave unpainted as desired.

outboss bunting tutorial

Technique 2:

1. Roll fondant approx. 1mm thin
2. Remove letters from the tray and arrange as desired. Press the PickUpPad® on top of the letters/numbers. The letters will stick to the PickUpPad®.
3.  Dust a small amount of cornflour into the letters and remove any excess cornflour.
4. Press the letters onto fondant, applying an even amount of pressure. Ensure the fondant is stuck in the letters & remove any excess fondant.
5. Using the 2 tone scraper pad, rub the letters against this to remove any excess fondant.
6. Roll out different coloured fondant to approx. 3mm thick.
7. Place PickUpPad® with letters and fondant onto this piece of fondant and apply pressure.
8. Lift up the PickUpPad® to reveal the design.


Size: Approx 1 cm in height (uppercase & lowercase)


Made with thick High Quality, certified food grade Plastic you can be confident you're investing in equipment to last a lifetime. Hand washing advised for letters, not dishwasher safe.


*All SweetStamp letter sets & PickUpPad are a patent protected and cannot be copied. All designs belong to SweetStamp.

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