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SweetStamp Letter Set Tutorial

Introduction to SweetStamp

SweetStamp is the best way to create beautiful personalized lettering on your cakes, cookies, cupcakes and so much more. It's as simple as embossing and painting. SweetStamp can be used on fondant/sugar-paste, buttercream, ganache & modelling chocolate. 

This patented system makes creating personalized messaging an enjoyable process. There are many ways to use SweetStamp depending on your project or style.

There are 3 types of letter sets:

Our large letter sets contain uppercase & lowercase letters. The number sets can be bough separately.

Our medium & small letter sets contain uppercase, lowercase, numbers & symbols.

SweetStamp sets contain uppercase and lowercase letters in a variety of different style, many sets also have numbers and symbols included. 

Getting Started:

When you receive your new SweetStamp letter set, remove the plastic film. We recommend you remove letters by kneading a small ball of fondant between your hands until soft & tacky and pull out the letters.

If you force the letters out or remove them at an angle you may be at risk at snapping your letter. Replacements are available but not required if the product is used as advised.

Some of the small & medium sets contain extra commonly used lowercase letters.

Each letter set comes in a storage box which allows for easy storage.

The PickUpPad is optional (sold separtely), but it achieves the best results as it ensures an even emboss and more control over placement, especially on the sides of your cakes.

The colour-coded sets come in a handy storage tray, so you can keep track of your letters easily. All letters are laid out in alphabetical order and in the direction they are to be embossed in.

How to use:

  • Remove letters from the tray and arrange as desired. If you need to use the same letter twice, simply measure the gap and apply it individually by hand after or using the PickUpPad®.
  • Use the guide from the PickUpPad® to line out letters. Press the tacky part of the PickUpPad® on top of the letters/numbers. The letters will stick to the PickUpPad® and can be embossed onto any cake project.
  • Press the letters onto fondant, buttercream, ganache or modelling chocolate, depending on the cake project. Embossing the letters can be done on a flat surface or on the side of a cake.
  • We recommend lightly embossing your letters if you wish to paint as the deeper the emboss, the harder it will be to paint. We recommend our Professional Fine Liner Brushes as it has a fine narrow & pointed tip which is perfect for the finer details and painting lettering. Take your time when painting in the letters as it's one of the more enjoyable tasks in cake decorating.
  • If you do not wish to paint, you can emboss deeply and leave unpainted, flood the lettering with Perfect Pour fill with Pixie Pearls or fill with royal icing.

Once complete, place the letters back into their relevant spaces. The tray allows you to quickly find the desired letter and the orientation they should be used. 


How to use SweetStamp on Fondant









Cake Topper




How to use SweetStamp on Buttercream



How to use SweetStamp with the PickUpPad®


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