SILVER Metallic RODS (Sweetapolita 100g)


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SILVER Metallic RODS (Sweetapolita 100g)
SILVER Metallic RODS (Sweetapolita 100g)



These edible metal sprinkles are a showstopper! Our Silver Metallic Rods are perfect for embellishing your baked goods of any kind. 

★ 21 mm (0.82") x 4 mm (0.15") in diameter

★ Manufactured exclusively for the Canadian market and are completely edible. 

★ All colours are custom blended and thus dragee's can sustain slight colour variations from batch to batch.

★ This product contains food colors (silver) not approved by the FDA, and therefore should be considered decoration only in the USA.

*Disclaimer: Metallic dragées can be very hard and, as with any hard candy, they represent a choking hazard to small children and a risk to your teeth. Please consume these metal sprinkles with caution.

These beautiful sprinkles are made in Canada under Canadian food guidelines. Please note that some of the ingredients might not be advised with your countries requirements. In these situations we recommend that the sprinkles are used for decorative purposes.

SILVER Metallic RODS (Sweetapolita 100g)
SILVER Metallic RODS (Sweetapolita 100g)

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